4.7 Recovery

Fix the issues on the Internet and wireless networks and rescue the extender from misconfigurations.

4.7.1 - Reboot Extender

Like a regular computer, the WiFi extender is running on a Linux based operation system, reboot the router can solve some of the mysterious problems, fix the Internet connectivity issues, and improve the security level.

The Internet provider assigns a temporary IP address and can be changed when timeout if the extender does not catch the change, the Internet connection might become slow. The same can happens if too many devices connected to the router. During a reboot, the routers found channels with less traffic and raising the performance speeds.

i. Soft Reboot

After accessing the admin, go to System / Reboot, you can perform a soft reboot.

ii. Hard Reboot

To do a hard reboot, please unplug the PoE adapter wait a couple of seconds, and then connect it again.

Do not disconnect from the PoE adapter while flashing firmware and resetting the extender.

4.7.2 - Factory Reset

A factory reset will erase configurations and returns the extender to the setting it had just after flashing.

i. Soft Factory Reset

If you want a clean slate, its no need to flash the firmware again.

  1. After accessing the admin, go to System > Backup / Flash Firmware > Actions: Restore.

  2. Click the red button Perform reset, and click the Confirm button on the pop-up window.

  3. The extender will go to System - Erasing page. The system indicator flashes while resetting.

  4. Wait 3-5 minutes until the extender completes the resetting progress and reboot.

ii. Hard Reset

On the EZR13 extender, there is a Reset button between the DC socket and RJ45 PoE port.

  1. Power on the device and wait until the extender successfully boots up, the System indicator stops flashing.

  2. Press and keep pushed the Reset button for 5 seconds.

  3. Release the Reset button.

  4. The extender starts to reset the firmware and the system indicator flashes while resetting.

  5. Wait 3-5 minutes until the extender completes the resetting progress and reboot.

  • Do not turn off the power or disconnect from the PoE adapter or power supply while resetting the extender.

  • Before disconnecting from the power source, make sure the extender completes the resetting progress and successfully rebooted.

4.7.3 - EzBoot

If the firmware file is uncompleted, mostly caused by power off while flashing or resetting firmware, the reset function can not execute successfully.

EZR13 has prebuilt the bottom bootloader EzBoot. EzBoot offers a Web interface to flash the new firmware, and it can help you to rescue the extender from the brick mode.

  1. Connect a computer to the LAN port on the PoE injector.

  2. Use below static IP addresses on the computer TCP/IP setting: Computer IP: (100~249) Extender IP (Gateway): Subnet mask:

  3. Disconnect extender from the PoE adapter.

  4. Press and hold the reset button, then connect to the PoE adapter.

  5. Hold the reset button for 5 seconds, then release it.

  6. You should now able to access the EzBoot interface on the computer web browser by visiting

  7. Upload the latest firmware on EzBoot. Wait 5 minutes until EzBoot flashed the new firmware and the extender will reboot automatically.

  8. Change back the static computer IP to DHCP to obtain the IP addresses automatically.

Refer to step 1. If you bound the LAN interface to another physical port, for example, eth0, please connect the computer to the eth0 port, which is nearby the PoE port.

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